It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.

Our Unique Approach

Our style of Pilates classes, known as “Clinical Pilates”, is modified for each individual based on your assessment results. It is therefore an appropriate and safe way to strengthen your “core” and stabilise your spine, from low back to neck. Our exercises reflect the latest research-based approaches used by Australian physiotherapists, who are at the forefront of using science to prove why Pilates has been used successfully around the world for decades. By the way, your “core” muscles are those found in your deep abdominal area, back, pelvis and pelvic floor. We help you become more aware of these incredibly important muscles.

We modify exercises to suit you, whether your spine is too stiff or is unstable (sometimes referred to as hypermobility). We also utilise in our mat classes theraband, theratube, foam rollers and hi-density foam blocks to provide variety and challenge to your spine.

Get a taste for our Alexandria Pilates classes:

  • 1 hours classes,
  • Class size capped at 8 people, so the focus is on you,
  • Ongoing support and education through our Facebook group page,
  • Free, personalized programs,
  • No lock in contracts.
  • Free membership timehold,
  • Classes all year round.
Danielle Belleli

Danielle Belleli

Pilates Instructor

2020 Pilates Class Schedule

Tuesday (60 minutes)

6:00 pm - Pilates Core/Mat


10 Pack: $225 ($22.50 per class)
20 Pack: $390 ($19.50 per class)

Casual Class: $27.00 per class

Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits

Physio Inq Alexandria

What our Alexandria Pilates classes promise to deliver

Build core strength
Pilates works on the principle that a strong core helps support the rest of the body, our instructor makes sure that each exercise engages the core tummy muscles that support the spine and keep you strong and healthy. This can also lead to a flatter, smoother stomach!

Help relieve aches and pains right throughout your body!
Regular exercise helps to build bone density which declines as we get older. Our Pilates classes have proved to alleviate tight muscles, stiff and aching joints and prevent back pain.

Be challenged mentally and physically without being sore
Pilates requires you to use your mind to access certain muscle groups and find connections – some that you may never have felt before! This helps you keep your mind and body working together.

Get lean, long muscle tone without using weights.
It is also designed to give length to your muscles, complimenting other exercise methods that may cause muscles to bulk up, such as running or cycling.

Discover your body’s potential and start your pilates journey today with Physio Inq Alexandria.

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Danielle Belleli

Danielle Belleli

Pilates Instructor

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